Golden Oak Forestry Service

Success Stories and Testimonials

Timberland management

One of our clients, Mr. B. is an absentee landowner and was interested in selling his timber, but didn’t know how much timber he had or what it was worth. We did an inventory, solicited bids and sold the timber within a few months. He didn’t even have to visit his property, just deposited the money from the timber sale. We were able to get a good price by contacting several prospective bidders. We supervised the harvest operation to make sure that the owners interests were protected.

Timber management

Another of our clients, Mr. R. has a good sized tract that he is interested in developing into good wildlife habitat. We designed a plan that would be implemented over a 5 year period to accomplish that goal. The first year of the plan we did an inventory of the timber volume, began a prescribed burning plan, marked a section of timber for selective harvest to open up the understory, sold that timber to the highest bidder and have planted a portion of the acreage in trees. We have other activities planned over the next 4 years that will enhance the habitat requirements of all the local species.

Timberland services

A different kind of success story, Mr. W. had and encroachment issue to deal with. He contacted us and we determined the volume and value of timber that had been removed from his property without his permission. This information was used in a court case to render a successful verdict for our client.

forestry management

Mr. L. has a very nice stand of pine and was in need of a management plan. He wanted to know how much timber he had, the growth rate and what should be done next. We developed a 5 year plan combining prescribed burning and thinning to enhance his timber assets. We determined the growth rate and projected the volume at his next thinning and the estimate revenue.

forestry services

Mr. U. had a unique request and needed some of his lands put on maps. Using our GIS technology we were able to accurately map all of his ownership, determine accurate acreages, and overlay site index numbers. From this he can make management decisions on what next steps he can take on his timberland.